Adameluca's 2017 Beef Week Information

Adameluca Angus is open on Day 3 of Beef Week (Sunday January 29) at Kyneton South, Vic. Some of Adameluca's information in the 2107 Beef Week book relates to last year's Beef Week. The correct information for Beef Week 2017 is:

Established by Sam Trovatello and family with foundation females from Granite Ridge and Sandy Acres (SA), Te Mania and Adalia (Vic) as well as embryos from Schaff Angus Valley (USA). In 2013, Irelands Galaxy G43 was purchased for a then Australian record of $117,500 as our main stud sire. Our aim is to breed cattle with good structure, carcase and doability whilst maintaining balanced EBV's. We place significant importance on feet, udders and temperament. On display will be our 2017 Sale Bulls by industry leading sires: Milwillah Elsom H283, SAV Angus Valley, Jindera Double Vision, GPS Haas and Irelands Galaxy G43. Also a selection of females will be displayed. Our Bull Sale is in conjunction with Glendan Park Herefords on Friday 24th February 2017. Hope to see you on the day.