Mansfield Angus Stud Finds the Right Mixture

A carefully planned mix of genetics and supplementary feeding at the right time with the right nutritional balance has provided pasture-based Mansfield Angus breeder the opportunity to improve and enhance stud animals prior to sale.

This strategy has worked for Ian and Vera Finger of Riga Angus 10 kms north of Mansfield who produce well conditioned, healthy bulls. The quality of their herd has been demonstrated in the Beef Week Heifer Challenge where Riga’s team of 10 stud heifers have been finalists in each of the three years they have entered culminating in the championship in 2013.

Riga was one of 230 studs that welcomed visitors during the recent Stock and Land Beef Week. One visitor at Riga was Ross Draper, Arthurs Creek, Stud Beef Victoria president, who inspected the yearling bulls on display. The ‘babies’, as Ross referred to them, are in preparation for the stud’s first on farm sale in April 2016.

Vera and daughter Kate have been supplementary feeding their stud yearling bulls twice a day with ‘Slingshot’ pelletised rations. Ross, who many in the industry will know has a keen eye for cattle, misjudged the 10 month old bulls for being around the 15 month mark, yet had many other equally positive comments. “Vera must live with them – I could tell straight away their temperament is excellent, which is a big plus for the breed.”

Ellen Versteegen, Territory Manager at Rivalea has spent time with Vera on farm, getting to know the operation, while offering support and nutritional advice that’s tailored to Ian and Vera’s specific needs and objectives, which is ultimately to optimise those cattle selected for breeding and temperament. Ellen said, “It is an exciting time, gradually working up to Riga’s first sale, and managing the bulls’ delicate nutritional requirements, so lean muscle development and the onset of sexual maturity is encouraged, while ensuring joint integrity during their growth.”

Vera said, “The bulls were weaned 6 weeks ago and have had a steady increase of 1.8kg gain per day on average.” For Vera, offering a post-sale management programme is very important. “We rely on feedback from our customers and always want them to come back, so where we can provide as much information and support post-sale, we will.” Ross concluded ”Riga have a good breeding programme with diversified bloodlines encouraging repeat buying.”

Ellen explained that nutritional expertise is at the core of the Rivalea product range. Rivalea is a fully integrated agribusiness based in Corowa in New South Wales. With experience spanning more than 30 years, Rivalea’s innovative feedmill operation is a pioneer in developing world’s best practice in the manufacture of high quality pelleted stockfeeds and now produces more than 300,000 tonnes of feed annually.

Contact – Alexandra Campbell, Brand Manager – Stockfeed Rivalea 0457 886 556

Mansfield Angus Stud Finds the Right Mixture From left, Ross Draper (Stud Beef Victoria President) and partner Gay from Arthurs Creek, Vic, Ellen Versteegen (Rivalea Territory Manager), Vera and Ian Finger (Riga Angus) Mansfield, at Riga Angus during Beef Week 2016.