2022 Beef Week Entry Form

Before proceeding to the entry form, you must review and agree to the following Conditions and Information:

If you would prefer to download the form and mail it to us, please download this PDF  PDF



Subject to COVID-19 restrictions, Stock & Land Beef Week will run in its usual on-farm format from January 27 to February 3, 2022.

Host properties need to adhere to the COVID-19 rules and requirements in place at the time of Beef Week. In particular the numbers of visitors, social distancing and QR registration of visitors.

It is prudent to have a contingency plan in case the unpredictable COVID-19 situation creates an environment that makes it impossible to conduct Beef Week in the traditional format.


If a traditional Beef Week (with property visitations) is not possible, a virtual Beef Week will occur in 2022 under the following arrangements:-

  • The Beef Week book will still be published as a stud directory and distributed as usual as a loose insert in Stock & Land in mid-January.
  • The usual strong advertising/promotional campaign will promote the availability of the book in an easily readable flick page format through the Beef Week and Stud Beef Victoria websites as well as the websites of Stock & Land and its sister publications.
  • Beef Week participants will be able to submit a video of up to 60 seconds containing vision and/or audio promoting studs and the availability of sale bulls at upcoming bull sales or by private treaty. The videos will be searchable on the websites mentioned in the dot point above.


As we need to be flexible and have time to adjust to changing opportunities, the deadline for lodging entries is OCTOBER 15 with the EARLY BIRD $50 discount available until SEPTEMBER 30. LATE ENTRIES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED so act now.

Participants will receive two directional road signs, 12 pen cards, a third-page entry in the Beef Week book which will be distributed in Stock & Land, listing on www.beefweek.com.au and the backup of a broad and carefully planned advertising campaign.

Beef Week is timed to precede the autumn bull selling season so if you sell privately or have an on-property auction planned you can’t miss being part of this important event.


  1. All fees are to be paid in full, and all entries received on or before the closing date.
  2. Basic entry fee is $600 (incl GST). Early bird is $550.
  3. More than one breed or herd may be displayed on one property or venue under the following conditions:
    1. if they are owned by different entities, each must pay $425* and each is entitled to a separate entry in the Beef Week Book;
    2. if they are owned by a single entity, they may be included for the one fee, but are restricted to the one entry in the Beef Week Book;
    3. Small studs that combine at the one venue, pay $250 (or $200 early bird), with restricted exposure in the Beef Week book (no photo, limited words)
  4. Studs owned by the children of stud principals participating in Beef Week, are permitted to display cattle on the same property at no additional cost but do not receive an entry in the Beef Week book. However, they can be mentioned in the entry of the major stud.
  5. In the event of a member withdrawing from Beef Week, the Director is to be notified immediately in writing. Any entry fee reimbursement will be at the discretion of the Committee.


  1. The minimum number of cattle to be shown on any one property should be a reasonable percentage of the breeding herd. In some instances only sale bulls have been on display. The opportunity to show lines of heifers, cows, stud sires and even steers should not be overlooked as these can influence potential buyers
  2. The cattle for inspection should be readily accessible to visitors either in the yards or in small paddocks. In the case of led stock, these should be tethered in areas suitable for the purpose.
  3. Cattle on display are to be appropriately identified with relevant details.


  1. The signs provided are to be displayed at the place of entry to the property and/or head of lane on the day of inspection only. Positioning of signs must adhere to the requirements of government authorities.
  2. The signs are to be removed immediately the member’s day has concluded.
  3. The hours of inspection will be 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in all zones.


  1. Commercial exhibits are restricted to sponsors unless written permission from the Committee is given. Displays or demonstrations of products or services deemed to be in opposition to our sponsors will not be permitted.
  2. Sponsors may request permission to stage a display / demonstration on your property on your Open Day. This will be an added attraction for your property. Sponsors may send promotional material to you for display.
  3. Auction sales, including Helmsman that conclude during Beef Week, are not permitted.
  4. Any program or activity which may impede the steady flow of visitors from one property to another is not permitted.


  1. All exhibitors must initiate some form of Public Risk Insurance (minimum $5 million) for loss, or damage, or injury resulting from participation in Beef Week. It is strongly suggested that you check your insurance cover.


  1. In order to maintain a steady flow of visitors in all zones, the Committee requests that members serve only light refreshments on their Open Day.


  1. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership of Stock & Land Beef Week.
  2. In exceptional circumstances, the Committee will give consideration to variations of these conditions provided requests are submitted in writing.


  1. The procedure will be:
    • you must complete and return the Entry Form with a photograph and payment in full by the closing date.
    • you will receive acknowledgement in the form of a "proof" of the information to appear in the Beef Week Book. You will be requested to return the proof if there are corrections necessary;
    • closer to the Beef Week, directional signs, pen cards and a supply of Beef Week booklets will be delivered to your mailing address
  • You can view your previous Beef Week information on www.beefweek.com.au
  • PayPal (accepts Mastercard / VISA) or direct credit are the only method of payments

FRIDAY, October 15, 2021
enter by September 30 and receive a $50.00 discount