Day Nine - Sunday, February 3, 2019

908 Banemore (Hereford (Poll))
909 Bassano (Angus)
922 Boonaroo (Angus)
924 Cashmore Park (Twinner Cattle)
928 Eloora (Shorthorn)
931 Glenfern (hereford (Poll))
935 Grangeburn (Simmental)
940 Kurra-Wirra (Angus / Red Angus / Red Angus-Senepol)
943 Lanark (Angus)
944 Lindsay (murray grey)
945 Melville Park/Melville (Hereford/Poll Hereford)
946 Milroy (Hereford/Poll Hereford)
948 Moora (Hereford (Poll))
950 Morgiana House (Charolais)
959 Murdeduke @ Hamilton (Angus)
960 Pathfinder (Angus)
972 Shady Park (Angus)
975 Taronga (Hereford)
978 Tugulawa (Simmental)
982 Weeran (Angus)
990 Wilkah (Hereford/Poll Hereford)



Location: 8 STUDS with 8 breeds at Mt Gambier showgrounds, Pick Ave, Mt Gambier, SA.
Sunday February 3 2019.

908 Banemore Hereford (Poll)

David Jenkin 0407 504 899 E:  

Location: 992 Twomey's Bridge Road, Penshurst 3289

909 Bassano Angus

Ron Stewart 427295405 E:  

Location: 2 kms north of Narrawong Primary School on Allits Road.

922 Boonaroo Angus

Jodie Foster 0408 587 780 E:  

Location: Display at 'Clifton', Hamilton, Vic. From edge of Hamilton travel 500m on Coleraine Rd, left down Fairburns Road, travel 2.5 km then right down Clifton Rd , 4km to 'Clifton'.

924 Cashmore Park Twinner Cattle

John Keiller 0409 804 638 E:  

Location: 900 Jarrett's Rd, Heathmere VIC 3305

928 Eloora Shorthorn

Ray and Dion Brook 0400 553 876 E:  

Location: 235 Diprose Road, Bulart. (CFA Map 431 B27). 25k north of Hamilton. Take the Henty Hwy (A200) north from Hamilton for 17.5k, turn left onto Red Road, travel 4.5k, then 1st right onto Diprose Road. From Cavendish, take Coleraine Rd 4.5k, turn left onto Diprose Rd.

931 Glenfern hereford (Poll)

Catherine & James Humphries 03 5579 4505 E:  

Location: 1132 Tahara Merino Road, Tahara

935 Grangeburn Simmental

BRODHI CARRACHER 0418 723 996 E:  

Location: 2029 Glenelg Hwy Wannon VIC (13km E from Coleraine or 20km W from Hamilton)

940 Kurra-Wirra Angus / Red Angus / Red Angus-Senepol

Anthony Close 0437 085 217 E:  

Location: 770 Mooree-Culla Road, Culla, VIC, 3315

943 Lanark Angus

Mark Fairlie 428849622 E:  

Location: 176 Airport Rd, Wandilo, SA. Property located 12 kms north of Mt Gambier. Turn off Riddoch Hwy at the airport.

944 Lindsay murray grey

Craig Grant 0427 704 227 E:  

Location: 3265 Coleraine Edenhope Rd, Coleraine. CFA map 387 A34. From Coleraine go 33k north on Edenhope-Harrow Rd. From Harrow go 19k south on Coleraine Rd.

945 Melville Park/Melville Hereford/Poll Hereford

David Lyons 03 5574 3236 E:  

Location: Bells Lane, Vasey, 25k NW of Cavendish, 35k NE of Coleraine, on south side of Bells Lane.

946 Milroy Hereford/Poll Hereford

Barry Kinghorn 0418 543 792 E:  

Location: 172 Chamberlains Rd, Byaduk. From Hamilton take Port Fairy Rd to Rifle Butts Rd, Hamilton side of Byaduk. Continue to end of bitumen 3k, left into Chamberlain Rd, 1st cattle pit on left.

948 Moora Hereford (Poll)

Linton Price 0429 406 980 E:  

Location: 174 Dunmore Lane, Broadwater. 10kms south of Macarthur on Port Fairy rd, 1.74 kms up Dunmore lane, first house on right

950 Morgiana House Charolais

Allan Crozier 03 5573 4561 E:   

Location: 483 Morgiana Rd 25k west of Hamilton. From Hamilton Portland Rd, take Chrome Rd east of Branxholme 17k towards Wannon to 'Morgiana'. From Hamilton Coleraine Rd take the Morgiana Rd at Wannon 5k to 'Morgiana'.

959 Murdeduke @ Hamilton Angus

Simon Falkiner 0407 319 967 E:  

Location: Forts Rd, Hamilton. From Hamilton take Glenelg Hwy towards Dunkeld. 3.5k out left onto Tarrington-Strathkellar Rd, head north to Strathkellar (4k) continue north for 3k (Skene Woolshed Rd) then left into Forts Rd. North Skene 2k on right. Murdeduke is also in Day 5 at its Winchelsea address.

960 Pathfinder Angus

Sara Moyle 0419 557 688 E:  

Location: 2126 Macarthur-Penshurst Rd, Gazette, Vic, 26k SE of Hamilton, 21k east of Macarthur, 13k west of Penshurst.

972 Shady Park Angus

Rebecca Rundell 0407 616 125 E:  

Location: 6074 Henty Highway, Branxholme- Approximately 2km south of Branxholme on Henty Highway.

975 Taronga Hereford

Bill Lambert 0466 015 178 / 03 5575 4224   

Location: 180 Sheepwash Rd, Paschendale, 12k south of Coleraine on Merino Road, right into Paschendale Rd, 3k to Sheepwsh Rd on left, 2k to yards.

978 Tugulawa Simmental

Gary Allen 417801615 E:  

Location: 196 Peweena Road, Mil-Lel, 5 k north of Mt Gambier city limits, SA

982 Weeran Angus

Alec & Jo Moore 0429 787 258 E:  

Location: Weerangourt, 5395 Hamilton Port Fairy Rd, Byaduk. 22k south of Hamilton between Byaduk and Macarthur.

990 Wilkah Hereford/Poll Hereford

Andrew and Angela 0427 756 251 E:  

Location: 885 Melville Forest - Vasey Rd Vasey 3407