Day Nine - Tuesday, February 6, 2018

903 Alegria (Hereford)
904 Alpine (Angus)
908 Bellaspur (Angus)
910 BrewerBeef (Black Simmental)
912 Black Aqua (Angus)
913 Black Star (Angus)
920 Chateau (Limousin)
923 Clarinda (Charolais)
925 Connamara (Angus)
929 Glenpoll (Hereford)
930 Goorambat (Wagyu)
933 Jade Park (Angus)
934 Jarobee (Angus)
942 Limstow (Limousin)
945 Mistletoe (Limousin)
947 Morham (Maine-Anjou)
950 Pinnacle / Umami (Angus / Wagyu)
953 Prime (Angus)
960 Rangan (Charolais)
970 Rosstulla (Hereford)
980 Tarcombe (Hereford)
988 Witherswood (Angus)

903 Alegria Hereford

John Mills 0427 399 912 E:  

Location: 2583 Omeo Hwy Tallandoon, 12k north of Eskdale 30k south Tallangatta on Omeo Hwy, 1.5k toward Tallangatta from Lockharts Gap Rd - Omeo Hwy intersection.

904 Alpine Angus

Chris Oswin 0427 562 254 E:  

Location: Alpine Sales Complex, 1138 Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite, Victoria

908 Bellaspur Angus

Brenton Sessions 0439 876 340 E:  

Location: 482 Wilbrahams rd, Balmattum, Vic

910 BrewerBeef Black Simmental

David & Tara Brewer 0419275686. 0419600527 E:  

Location: 410 Soldier Settlers Rd, Tallangatta Valley Vic. From Tallangatta head towards Corryong for 13k turn right into Tallangatta Creek Rd, in 3,3k right into Soldiers Settlers Rd. 'Lynn Ridge' is 1.1k, first driveway on right.

912 Black Aqua Angus

Josh Trimble & Georgia Nankervis 0401 291 033 E:  

Location: Wangaratta Saleyards, 99 Shanley Street. From Melbourne along highway, take first Wangaratta turn off. At double lanes, turn left into Shanley street. From Albury travel through Wangaratta to Cemetery (on left) right turn into Shanley street. Chemist Warehouse on corner. Roughly 1km down Shanley Street.

913 Black Star Angus

Julian Carroll 0418 331 311 E:  

Location: Myrtleford-Yackandandah Road, Mudgegonga, VIC. 200m East of Young Lane. 1.8km West of Mudgegonga Public Hall.

920 Chateau Limousin

Bev McIntyre 03 5721 8280 E:  

Location: 654 Boralma-Rutherglen Road, Boralma (via Wangaratta). From Melbourne on Hume Highway bypass all exits to Wangaratta travell 5k turn left to Boralma, travel 6.5k. From Wodonga via Hume Highway bypass Springhurst exit, turn right into McMahons Road, travel 3k, turn left first property on left.

923 Clarinda Charolais

Ken Manton 0437 585 605 E:  

Location: 414 School Road Hansonville. From Wangaratta on Wangaratta-Kilfeera Rd, left onto School Rd, cross Banksdale Rd, after 400m turn right, follow signs.

925 Connamara Angus

Michael Hill 03 5790 4244   

Location: 230 Donovan Rd, 8k south of Ruffy. From Hume Fwy take Ruffy turnoff to Old Longwood. Follow signs to Ruffy, turn right into Nolans Rd, follow signs. From Maroondah Wwy turn west at Yarck Hotel. 35k SE of Euroa, 20k west of Yarck

929 Glenpoll Hereford

Ferruccio Tonini 03 5766 2417 E:  

Location: 321 Glenrowan-Moyhu Rd, 6k NE of Glenrowan PO, 3.5 km from Hume Fwy / Glenrowan 'on-off ramp' (northern end of Glenrowan).

930 Goorambat Wagyu

Dom Bayard 0427 732 538 E:  

Location: From SYDNEY or MELBOURNE: Take the Hume Fway M31 to Benalla. Come into town and once in the main street (Bridge St) turn to Shepparton (Midland Hway A300). Travel 11k then right off Midland Hway onto road to Tocumwal C317. Travel 2k then right into Peck Rd (unsealed). Travel 2k crossing over the Goorambat-Chesney Road. Goorambat Wagyu is the first gateway on right.
From SHEPPARTON: Take the Midland Hway A300 towards Benalla. Travel 50k the left off the Midland Hway onto road to Tocumwal C317. Travel 2k then right into Peck Rd (unsealed). Travel 2k crossing the Goorambat-Chesney Road. Goorambat Wagyu is the first gateway on right.

933 Jade Park Angus

Andrew Mclean 0427 608 810 E:  

Location: 1617 Wangaratta / Kilferra rd Hansonville. 3675

934 Jarobee Angus

Alan or Jan Robinson 0429 324124 E:  

Location: 79 Robinson Road. 4.5 km West of Beechworth. Take Robinson Road, off Beechworth / Wangaratta Road. Jarobee is at the end of the road..

942 Limstow Limousin

Scott Stow 0437 796 833 E:  

Location: 31 Davies Rd, Warrenbayne, 25k SW of Benalla. Follow signs. From Baddaginnie turn off Hume Fwy to Warrenbayne Hall, continue 2k past on left . Follow Dobsons Rd from Mansfield Rd.

945 Mistletoe Limousin

Denis O'Connor 0428 279 431 E:  

Location: 120 Dinnings Lane Greta South. From Wangaratta, turn into Greta Rd at Apco Servo/K-Mart corner. Travel south over freeway for 30k. From Hume freeway turn off at Greta Rd exit. Last south bound entry to Wangaratta. Travel out past airport, over Snow Rd for 21k. (Same rd as from traffic lights) From Benalla take Kilfeera Rd past airport, over freeway and east for 29 km.

947 Morham Maine-Anjou

Karen Morham 0408 584 149 E:  

Location: 528 Bostock Road, Lurg, Vic.

950 Pinnacle / Umami Angus / Wagyu

Jake Howman 0411 890 925 E:  

Location: 765 Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite, 3737

953 Prime Angus

Annick Butterfield 03 5763 2341 / 0428 306 729 E:  

Location: 1174 Benalla-Warrenbayne Rd, Warrenbayne. 23k SE of Benalla. From Hume Fwy take northernmost Warrenbayne exit 11.74k to property on right. From Midland Hwy take Dobson Rd turn-off, right into Warrenbayne Rd, 1st gateway on left.

960 Rangan Charolais

Graeme Cook 0419 429 696 E:  

Location: "Rangan Park" 41 Miller Lane, Charleroi, Vic, 30k SE of Wodonga, 10k east of Kiewa. From Wodonga take Kiewa Valley H'way, left through Kiewa and Tangambalanga, 10k from Kiewa go past football oval on right, 1k further, Miller Lane to right.

970 Rosstulla Hereford

Trish Forrest 03 5728 1146 E:   W:

Location: 64 Davidson Lane, off Forrest Lane 3k west of Beechworth on Wangaratta Rd

980 Tarcombe Hereford

Tim Hayes 0439 257 693 E:  

Location: 1157 Ponkeen Creek Rd Tarcombe, 35km S of Euroa. Vicroads 46 H9, Take Longwood- Ruffy road off Hume Fwy, 14km SW of Euroa and follow signs. From Maroondah Hwy follow signs from Yarck, or follow signs from Highlands Rd, Seymour.

988 Witherswood Angus

John Woodruff 0412 002 509 E:  

Location: Hoysted Rd, Taminick, 14k north of Glenrowan PO. Beef Week and Sale entry from Boweya Rd, From Glenrowan take Glenrowan Boweya Rd north past Lake Mokoan.