Day Two - Tuesday, January 30, 2018

209 Centennial (Hereford)
212 Challambi (Charolais)
220 Dunoon (Angus)
223 Eurimbla (Red Poll/ Shorthorn)
225 Garren Park (Limousin)
230 Glenruben (Angus)
240 Hicks Beef (Composite / Red Angus)
242 Huon (Charolais)
249 Kanimbla (Hereford)
252 Llanarlo / Milton / Murra (Angus)
255 Le Martres (Limousin)
258 Landfall  (Angus)
270 Ravensdale (Hereford)
273 Rennylea (Angus)
275 Rotherfield (Hereford)
278 Sugarloaf Creek Hereford Stud (Hereford)
280 Table Top (Angus)
295 Warwick Court (Hereford)
297 Wirruna (Hereford)

209 Centennial Hereford

Paul Rogers 0408 113 730 E:  

Location: Yarranalla', 274 Four Mile Lane, Little Billabong, 18k north of Holbrook on Hume Why. Turn right into Four Mile Lane, Yarranalla is 2.7k on right.

212 Challambi Charolais

Nigel Spink 0427 828 804 E:  

Location: 512 Welumba Creek Road Tooma NSW. From Tumbarumba take the Tooma road for 50k towards Corryong. Welumba Creek road is on the left, Continue along for 5k. From Corryong head towards Tumbarumba for 23k, take a right onto Welumba Creek rd, continue for 5k, Challambi is on your right.

220 Dunoon Angus

Jock Harbison 0429 369 299 E:  

Location: 2137 Jingellic Road, 22k east of Holbrook.

223 Eurimbla Red Poll/ Shorthorn

Ian Coghlan 0412 650 050 E:  

Location: 148 Rodgers Rd East, Gerogery. 25k NE of Albury turn off Olympic Highway onto Rodgers Rd East (gravel) and proceed 1.5k to Eurimbla. Rodgers Rd East is midway between Hume Hwy and Gerogery.

225 Garren Park Limousin

Garry Hedger 0412 694 118 E:  

Location: 619 Back Henty Rd, 6k N of Culcairn, 10k S of Henty on dirt service road parallel to railway and Olympic Way. 3k N of Culcairn on Olympic Hway turn west over railway line at Regmont feedlot then right and follow signs.

230 Glenruben Angus

Leo Corrigan 0428 933 923 / 02 6020 5247 E:  

Location: 1020 Annandayle Rd Woomargama. From Hume Hway travelling north take interchange to Woomargama on Woomargama Way - 1k north of village turn right onto Annandayle Rd and travel 3.5k and turn left to cattle yards. Travelling south take Holbrook exit from Hume Hway / drive through Holbrook east onto Jingellic road travel 9k to Annandayle Rd turn right, and travel to cattle yards 11k on right.

240 Hicks Beef Composite / Red Angus

Andrew Hicks 0427 147 258 E:  

Location: "Annandayle South", 271 Annandayle Road HOLBROOK. From Holbrook travel east on Jingellic Road for 8.5km, turn right onto Annandayle Road, 2.8k to property on left.

242 Huon Charolais

David Gray 0427 808 395 E:  

Location: Granite Hill' 1917 Urana Rd Jindera, 7k north of Jindera on left. 8k south of Burrumbuttock on right.

249 Kanimbla Hereford

Mike Todd/James McWilliam 0428355234/0438268406 E:  

Location: 15k N-NEof Holbrook on Hume Hway, right into Mirrabooka Rd for 3k.

252 Llanarlo / Milton / Murra Angus

Gillian Fahle 02 6037 1573 E:  

Location: Avondale', 2200 Shelley Rd, Walwa, Vic. 10k south of Walwa, 22k north of Murray Valley Hway.

255 Le Martres Limousin

Leon Martin 0428 577 138 E:  

Location: 136 Rosemont Rd, Table Top. From the intersection of Olympic & Hume Hwys, 2k north on Olympic Hwy, left into Rosemont Rd at sign post. Or 8k from Gerogery on Olympic Hwy.

258 Landfall  Angus

Frank Archer 0417 506 163 E:  

Location: "Kensall Green", Riverina Highway, Howlong NSW

270 Ravensdale Hereford

Simon Ward 0428 319 521 E:  

Location: 'Dalriada', 9985 Hume Highway, Holbrook - 14km north of Holbrook on the eastern side of Hume Highway between Mirrabooka Road and Four Mile Lane.

273 Rennylea Angus

Bryan, Ruth & Anthony Corrigan" 0429 038 993 / 0400 302 629 / 0437 043 443 E:  

Location: "Ellerslie Park" Culcairn, 1km south of Culcairn on the Olympic Way.

275 Rotherfield Hereford

Andrew Hore 0409 204 228 E:  

Location: Turn off Hume Hway at Sweetwater Rd, then Bowna Rd exit for 2k south, 2k east on Echarina Rd.

278 Sugarloaf Creek Hereford Stud Hereford

Andrew or Serena Klippel 0412 761 637 E:  

Location: "Gravels Plane" 498 Murray River Road, Towong. Travel 5k east of Corryong towards Towong on the Murray Valley Rd. Turn Right onto Murray Valley Hwy, entrance is 50mt on the left.

280 Table Top Angus

Tim and Jessica Scott 02 6026 3097 E:  

Location: Table Top Angus is located 20km north of Albury on the Hume Highway. Left hand side as you head toward Holbrook approx 1km north of the Olympic Highway Overpass. We have a Table Top Angus Sign at the front entrance and a red brick fence.

295 Warwick Court Hereford

Sue Holdsworth 0428 698 451 / 02 6029 3237 E:  

Location: "Glenora" 87 Stony Park Rd, Jindera NSW. 9k north of Jindera, 6k south of Burrumbuttock. Cnr Stony Park and Urana roads.

297 Wirruna Hereford

Ian Locke 02 6036 2877 E:  

Location: 6km south of Holbrook on the western side of the Hume Highway.