Day Four - Saturday, Feburary 2

401 Andtravern (Hereford)
402 Anvil (Angus)
403 Ashwood Park (Charolais)
404 Astralgus (Australian Lowline)
405 Bonian (Limousin)
407 OO7 (Angus)
408 Beckenham  (Limousin)
409 Boonderoo (South Devon)
414 Cratloe (Murray Grey)
415 Crystal Creek (Gelbvieh)
420 Dysart (Angus)
429 Elite (Blonde d’Aquitaine)
430 Falls View (Charolais)
433 Gairnshiel (Shorthorn)
434 Glenburn Station (Angus/Galloway/Murray Grey)
435 Glendan Park (Hereford/Poll Hereford)
440 Glen Goulburn (Poll Hereford)
445 Glengyron (Shorthorn)
447 Glenhaven (Simmental)
450 Glenview Del (Simmental)
457 Heatherington Park (Poll Hereford)
460 High Spa (Angus)
467 Maine Park (Maine Anjou)
468 Menadue (Limousin)
471 Marschay (Shorthorn)
477 Paramount (Limousin)
478 Paringa (Charolais/Red Angus/Stabilizer)
481 Riga (Angus)
482 Riverslea (Santa Gertrudis)
485 Stretch Limo (Limousin)
486 Strathewen (Angus/Red Angus)
490 Torr Down (South Devon)
493 Waterford (Charolais)
495 Webb (Black Simmental )

401 Andtravern Hereford

Jeff Smith 03 5429 1129 / 0408 586 558
F: 03 5429 1129

Location: 169 Red Gap Rd, 6.5k north of Lancefield PO. 2k on Tooborac Rd, right into Pylong Rd, right into Red Gap Rd to second property on left.

Information: Established in 1997 with a commitment to breed quality, high performance cattle to meet today's and future demand, proven by our Melbourne Royal success. Our foundation females originate from Courallie, Inverary, Widgiewa and Charnock. Our current sire is Charnock Lumberjack. Our future sires are Glendan Park Fire Power and Andtravern Freight Train. On display will be cows and calves, heifers and bulls. We will have commercial and stud bulls for sale on our Beef Week open day. All cattle performance recorded with Breedplan. MN3 accredited.

402 Anvil Angus

Stephen Handbury 035772 3389 / 0427 262 823
F: 03 5772 2862
E:   W:

Location: 292 Connellys Creek Rd Acheron. 10k south of Alexandra on Maroondah Hwy turn right into Connellys Creek Rd, 3k to property on right.

Information: As always on display will be all of the bulls that will make up our 14 March 2013 sale lineup with almost 70 bulls and 30 females on display. This year will see new sire lines like our exclusive NZ import Kaharau Prince 354 and another offering of WK Replay sons that were so popular in 2012. As always our bulls and females are tested where required for all known genetic defects and are presented free of all of them. Anvil has also joined forces with Pfizer to offer the first fully tested bull sale in Victoria for HD50K, with all results available at the open day.

403 Ashwood Park Charolais

Duncan Newcomen 0408 579 784
E:   W:

Location: Break O'Day Rd, Flowerdale. 2k on Flowerdale end of Break O'Day Rd. 15K from Yea on Yea-Whittlesea Rd look for Glenburn and Break O”Day road sign on left then 2k on Break O'Day Rd on right.

Information: Ashwood Park runs 250 Charolais breeders and holds an annual bull sale (2013 sale March 13). Sources the best Charolais genetics from around the world. One of the oldest Charolais studs in Australia but with a modern outlook.

404 Astralgus Australian Lowline

Rod McNeil 0400 660 200
F: 03 9819 4125
E:   W:

Location: 248 McGeorge Rd 3k south of Gisborne PO. Drive south from Gisborne or north from Couangalt Rd. Turn west at Gisborne South turn-off from Calder Hwy onto Couangalt Rd, after 3k turn right (north) into McGeorge Rd.

Information: Astralgus Lowline stud is a 40 head stud featuring Lowline stud bulls and heifers, Lowline steers and Lowline-Murray Grey cross steers and heifers. Come along and see a quality small cattle stud!

405 Bonian Limousin

James O’Brien 03 5334 0501 / 0409 181 089
F: 03 5334 0501
E:   W:

Location: 185 Bungaree-Wallace Rd, Bungaree, opposite Bridge Hotel. 1.5k west of Bungaree PO-General Store. 12k east of Ballarat.

Information: Established 1989. Producing docile polled cattle for commercial and stud use. All cattle sold are guaranteed under the Limousin Assurance Program. 30 rising 2yo bulls on display along with elite females.

407 OO7 Angus

John Carter 03 9375 7955 / 0418 541 705
F: 03 9375 7779
E:   W:

Location: 100 Kinnear Rd, Mickleham. Exit Hume Hwy at Bunker Hill Service Station, Donnybrook, onto Donnybrook Rd. Near corner of Donnybrook and Mickleham Roads.

Information: The 007 Angus stud was established over 20 years ago from Glen Arm stock and continues to use the best AI bulls over cows and heifers each year.

408 Beckenham  Limousin

Bruce & Sue Griffiths 03 5423 2459 / 0417 340 649
F: 03 5423 2458

Location: 237 Boundary Rd, Greenhill via Kyneton, VicRoads Map 59 H4. Turn off Calder Fwy at Malmsbury exit and follow signs.

Information: Beckenham bulls, for the past two years, have sired the winning Borthwick Trophy team at Melbourne Royal. Beckenham's 2012 Melbourne steer was grand champion taking out the $ Jackpot. Also exhibited the champion heavy domestic steer at Adelaide 2012. Our successful 2012 Sydney and Melbourne Royal teams will be on display. Extensive AI and ET programs are undertaken allowing us to source the best genetics world-wide. We will have bulls and heifers for sale. We look forward to welcoming you and showing you our cattle. Limousin Assured and Breedplan. Beckenham bulls are BRED to BREED.

409 Boonderoo South Devon

Hilary Jankelson 03 5425 3200 / 0418 361 630
E:   W:

Location: 67 McNiffs Rd, Redesdale, 25k north of Kyneton and 21k south of Heathcote on Kyneton-Heathcote Rd. 1.2k south of Redesdale-Bendigo turnoff.

Information: The bloodlines of our cattle include those that have had success in carcase competitions at both Adelaide and Melbourne Royals. Raised on the grasses of Rededale's volcanic plain, the cows, with their offspring, illustrate the temperament for ease of handling, the growth that leads to tender and tasty meat and the appearance that makes these cattle a pleasure to see in the paddocks. Our breeding cows with calves at foot, heifers and bulls will all be on show with some available for sale.

414 Cratloe Murray Grey

Anne Burnside 03 9744 3080 / 0419 877 607

Location: 330 Lancefield Rd, 8k NE Sunbury PO midway between Clarkefield and Sunbury 6.4k from start of Romsey-Lancefield Rd.

Information: The Cratloe stud commenced in 1978 and has been showing in the stud classes and carcase competitions at Melbourne Royal and locally since 1990. On show will be stud cows and heifers (autumn calving) stud bulls including Lindsay Expresso res junior champion NS&S. For sale and on show will be 10 rising 2 yo heifers PTIC for autumn calving, 20 yearling heifers unjoined, four 2 yo bulls and five yearling bulls. We select for temperament, milking and muscling.

415 Crystal Creek Gelbvieh

Kevin Nixon 03 9570 1300 / 0418 324 465
E:   W:

Location: 489 Whanregarwen Rd, 4k SW of Alexandra. From Yea turn off at Molesworth South onto Whanregarwen Rd, 11.4k to property gate. From Alexandra-Melbourne Rd, turn onto Whanregarwen Rd near Goulburn River bridge, then 4k on left. Melways X910 S/8.

Information: After nearly 12 years in this prime location, the quality of our breeders and offspring has become obvious through the use of selected Gelbvieh bulls resulting in repeat buyers who appreciate the muscle and temperament our genetics have had on their herds.

420 Dysart Angus

Chris Goddard 03 9679 3393 / 0418 688 897
F: 03 9679 3111
E:   W:

Location: 45 Dysart Rd 2k SW of Seymour. Take the Puckapunyal turnoff from the Hume Hwy if heading north and turn right at the underpass towards Seymour and take the first turn right.

Information: We have been breeding Angus for 10 years. We breed for high performance and focus on producing well bred and well fed stock. Our bulls and females available for purchase on the day. Our donors will also be available for inspection. Our reference sires are Mytty in Focus, BT Equator 395M, Ardrossan Equator A241 and Bennett Performer.

429 Elite Blonde d’Aquitaine

Frank Phillips 03 9735 1318 / 0409 357 136
E:   W:

Location: 2900 Melba Hwy, Castella, 20k north of Yarra Glen on Melba Hwy. 3k from Kinglake. turn-off. 10k from Glenburn on north side.

Information: Start with quality and success will follow. In 2004 we changed to Blondes and they certainly delivered great muscle and temperament. Always looking to improve our herd, we recently imported a number of embryos from the top Druk stud in England. These calves will further enhance our genetics bringing a new strong outcross. Currently our polled ATG and horned Elite Devon bulls are siring some excellent structured calves. The pastures have been mineralised and the herd looks great, We have for sale young heifers and ready to work bulls when you visit on our Beef Week day.

430 Falls View Charolais

Paul Hildebrand 03 5797 8362 / 0409 254 451
F: 03 5797 8376

Location: 4543 Melba Hwy, 20k south of Yea, 36k north of Yarra Glen.

Information: Charolais cattle to suit any market. MN1 accredited, Breedplan affiliated. Est 1970, we have been breeding and showing Charolais cattle for over 30 years. Falls View cattle are structurally sound, easy doing and functional proven both in the show ring and the sale yard. New cattle purchased from around Australian in the past 12 months, stud cows, calves and percentage of commercial herd will be on display. Come and see our stud bull Arabar Crispin DRW C25E. IMPRESSIVE !! As much thickness, muscle and softness you would see anywhere. Seeing is believing. Sale bulls starting from $2,500.

433 Gairnshiel Shorthorn

Leigh Williamson 03 5464 2386 / 0419 585 603

Location: 974 Baringhup-Havelock Rd, 10k north of Carisbrook on Bendigo Rd. 60k SW of Bendigo, 22k west of Maldon.

Information: Gairnshiel Shorthorn stud was est 1962 by Noel Williamson with purchase of poll bull Milly Milly Leopold (P) to use over females from the Beef Shorthorn stud founded in 1891 by Noel's father and Leigh's grand-father John. Stud principal Leigh Williamson has used AI extensively to get the best genetics available. Gairnshiel will have quality performance recorded fertility guaranteed working aged bulls available for sale on our Beef Week day plus some selected cows and calves and joined females also for sale. Reds, whites and roans on display. Leigh and Jan look forward to enjoying your company on Saturday Feb 2.

434 Glenburn Station Angus/Galloway/Murray Grey

Darryl Bjorlsten 03 5797 8193 / 0425 753 300
F: 03 5797 8192

Location: 270 Break O'Day Rd Glenburn. Enter off Melba Hwy at Glenburn. Take Flowerdale exit 800m Melbourne side of United servo, we are 3.2k on right.

Information: Glenburn Station comprises three stud operations; Angus, Murray Grey and Galloway. On display will be our Royal show champions and interbreed champions and our 2013 show teams, Murray Grey National and Galloway National sale teams. Angus bulls for sale and donor cows on view. Also on view a range of our 2014 sale bulls by leading AI sires and our herd sires Koojan Hills Lookout F2 ($20,000) second highest seller and KO Aberdeen F90 ($10,000) bought as an 8 mths old calf and Southern Cross El Toro D13 (interbreed champ bull Canberra Royal - an Australian record for a Galloway) to name a few. We welcome you to come and look and talk about our seed stock production program and fodder production for the coming year. LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU.

435 Glendan Park Hereford/Poll Hereford

Alvio Trovatello 03 5423 4240 / 0419 191 193
F: 03 9383 4472
E:   W:

Location: 2090 Kyneton-Heathcote Rd, Barfold, 23k north of Kyneton on right, 8k south of Redesdale on left.

Information: Est 1989 by the Trovatello family with 50 females from Ballina and Lowana dispersals. We have steadily increased numbers and quality with additions from various studs and substantial AI and ET bringing our stud herd up to 180 breeders. Our aim is to produce cattle of the highest quality with extra growth, muscling and milking ability without sacrificing structure. In 2004 Poll Herefords were introduced with the same criteria. On display will be rising 2yo bulls by breed leading sires Cootharaba Magnum (sire of $70,000 GP Everest E126 and $62,000 GP Empire E002), Churchill Yogi and Braybrook Craftsman(P). FOR SALE 25 BULLS at BEEF WEEK OPEN DAY from $2000 + GST. Also on display a broad section of our herd. All cattle on Breedplan. MN2. Hope you can join us.

440 Glen Goulburn Poll Hereford

Lynn Vearing 03 9401 1105 / 0429 133 817
F: 03 9408 3730

Location: 'Hendon Park', 25 Vearings Rd, 3k NW of Epping, Melways 181 C6. From High St Epping, enter O'Herns Rd and Vearings Rd is 3k on right.

Information: Founded in 1969, running 80 stud cows in conjunction with a Southdown sheep stud. Sires used Glen Goulburn Sweden (junior and grand champion Melbourne 2009), Maungahina Globe (NZ), Yalgoo Boulder Z250, Allendale National, Doonbiddie Hustler, Rotherfield Rumble and Sevenbardot Ebbex A220. On display on our Beef Week open day will be cows and calves, joined heifers and bulls for sale. All cattle performance recorded with Breedplan. MN3 for BJD and CattleCare accredited. We look forward to enjoying your company.

445 Glengyron Shorthorn

Hannah Tippett 03 5345 7435
F: 03 5345 7435

Location: 1802 Daylesfor-Ballarat Rd, 1.5k south of Newlyn roundabout, 25k north of Ballarat PO.

Information: The Tippett family invites you to come and see our leading 2012 show team and stud stock. The year started with our new young sire, Sprys Super Star F19, being sashed grand and supreme exhibit Sydney Royal. At Adelaide Royal Shorthorn feature show, Glengyron Governor was junior champion. At Melbourne Royal Glengyron was most successful exhibitor and Glengyron Governor was junior and grand champion bull. We also exhibited reserve junior champion heifer and first placed medium domestic steer.

447 Glenhaven Simmental

Ivan Johnson 03 5797 8210 / 0428 978 210
F: 03 9762 8959

Location: 716 Captains Creek Rd, Glenburn, 35k south of Yea on the Melba Hwy turn right at Westbridge Rd, in 4k turn right into Captains Creek Rd.

Information: Glenhaven is a small family stud committed to breeding the highest quality Simmental cattle. Glenhaven has been successful at local shows. Our herd would be suitable for both stud and commercial buyers. Both bulls and heifers for sale on our Beef Week open day.

450 Glenview Del Simmental

Gina Ryan 03 5797 8334

Location: 67 Joyces Rd, Glenburn, east off Melba Hwy, 28k north of Yarra Glen, 28k south of Yea.

Information: Glenview has supplied Simmental bulls to commercial producers for the past 28 years. Bulls displaying fertility, early maturity, growth, yield and temperament, traits essential for the production of desirable progeny, will be available for sale. Top quality heifers displaying the same traits will also be available. Gina and family welcome visitors to our Beef Week open day on Saturday February 2 and at other times..

457 Heatherington Park Poll Hereford

Philip Gay 03 5345 6167 / 0412 565 292
F: 03 5345 6167
E:   W:

Location: 3832 Creswick-Newstead Rd, 2k W of Kingston, between Allendale and Smeaton, 8.5k N of Creswick, 20k W of Daylesford.

Information: Est 1991 using foundation females from Studbrook, Wolbull, Margfred Park and Wiranya. Running 55 autumn calving stud breeders. Breedplan members and MN1. Sires include Burando Monotone V04 (grandson of Bowen Kildonan K208), Bowen Vincent Z147 (son of the great VI APHS Sire of Year), marbling sire Markowen No Excuse A29 and selected AI sires. First sons of new sire Valma Oakley D38 (purchased Wodonga) are for sale and first progeny of Allendale Robin Hood D194 (purchased Dubbo) and selected females are available for inspection and sale. Robin Hood bulls include a Dubbo senior champion ($30,000) and three others av $14,000. Inspection welcome on the day or at any time.

460 High Spa Angus

Brian Mobbs 03 5348 2357 / 0427 482 357
F: 03 5348 2399
E:   W:

Location: Cnr Lyman & Settlement Rds, 3k east of Daylesford. From Daylesford on Midland Hwy to Castlemaine-Trentham intersection, right into East St, 200m left in Railway Cres, 1k to High Spa on left.

Information: High Spa puts in a supreme effort to make sure your visit is enjoyable and worthwhile. Large numbers of performance recorded, quality sale bulls and PTIC females will be conveniently penned for ease of inspection and selection, along with detailed information on each animal displayed. Other informative industry displays and information will be a feature as in previous years. Details on sale bulls will be listed prior to the day on High Spa has two BIA Seedstock Producer of the Year, Certificates of Excellence awards; eleven major Suncorp CAAB� Quality Awards, and two young Angus sire selections.

467 Maine Park Maine Anjou

Clint Worden 03 5439 1291 / 0410 760 862
E:   W:

Location: 408 Drummonds Lane, Knowsley. 8k from Heathcote, Drummonds Lane can be entered from Elmore-Echuca Rd or McIvor Hwy.

Information: We breed Maine Anjou cattle for soundness and meat productivity with a focus on fast growing offspring from a long living highly productive herd.

468 Menadue Limousin

John Menadue 03 5348 2729 / 0417 308 829
F: 03 5348 2729

Location: Cnr Midland Hwy and Menadue Lane, Eganstown. 5k from Daylesford on Midland Hwy towards Ballarat.

Information: Menadue is a small Limousin stud using mainly AI of females from select herds with semen from top USA and Australian sires. Polled and placid animals is our aim. Limousin are of French origin, good doers, and attract a premium at the meatworks whether purebred or crosses. Limousin steers have won four of the past five Borthwick trophies at Melbourne Royal. Limousins come in three colours, apricot, red and black. This year for the first time Western Victoria area group of Limousin breeders will be selling bulls online. Catalogue on For participation contact or ph 0439 309 728.

471 Marschay Shorthorn

David McKay 03 5334 5361 / 0407 086 268
F: 03 5334 5361
E:   W:

Location: 1569 Ballarat-Daylesford Rd, 2k N of Dean, 25k N of Ballarat, 8k E of Creswick.

Information: Running 350 cows, 70 reg'd. Founded 1975, Marshcay is using some of the best genetics available to maintain a high standard An exciting new arrival, bought in conjunction with Eloora, is Royalla Masterpiece, top price at Marellan sale, outstanding for low birth, high growth. The first Battunga Statesman son shown, Marschay Cosmo, was junior and grand and supreme interbreed junior bull Melbourne 2008. At Melbourne 2011 another Statesman son, Marschay Fender, was junior and grand. Belmore Nokia is an exciting sire with a son winning Bendigo unled steer section and a daughter Marschay Roany F14 supreme Shorthorn at Melbourne. New sire is Belmore Phantom (white) rom the import Northern Legend. Breedplan used extensively with our program leaning towards high milk and good carcase. We enter carcase competitions to gauge sire performance and stud stock are entered at Royal and country shows.

477 Paramount Limousin

Brian Keirl 03 5264 1335 / 0430 826 770
F: 03 5264 1335

Location: 960 Barwon Heads Rd, 9.6k from Geelong.

Information: Paramount Limousins was established in 2001, a small herd of 30 select females selling 10 to 12 bulls a year. Paramount has had a lot of success in the show ring as well as in carcase competitions. Several of our bulls have sired sale toppers. Our breeding program is all about producing quiet bulls that perform. Call in on our Beef Week open day.

478 Paringa Charolais/Red Angus/Stabilizer

Tom Lawson 03 5797 3003 / 0407 978 317
E:,au   W:

Location: 96 Creeds Rd, Murrindindi,off Murrundindi Rd 8k from Melba Hwy intersection. 16k from Yea PO.

Information: Paringa Livestock is a genetic supplier of elite bulls for Australian beef producers. Through the use of world best practice management and backed with science, we strive to give our clients the competitive edge they require to be profitable in all markets and environments. This family run business is centred around a passion for animal breeding using the latest technologies and proven genetics from around the globe. Breeders can have confidence Paringa progeny will perform. Backed by decades of knowledge and experience, Paringa Livetstock is the number one source for your red meat genetics.

481 Riga Angus

Ian & Vera Finger 03 5775 2140 / 0429 939 105
F: 03 5775 2340
E:   W:

Location: 'Nillahcootie Park' , 5291 Midland Hwy, 10k north of Mansfield.

Information: Est 1972, the herd is steeped with 40 years of proven breeding and maternal performance. Continued selection pressure for sustainable traits together with selective use of the latest technologies ensure balanced future breeding with clients' requirements in mind. Bulls are available for sale by private treaty by the breed leading sires Sitz New Design 458N, Te Mania Africa A217, TC Franklin 619, B/R Future Direction 4268 and Te Mania Estate E895. We look forward to welcoming you on our Beef Week open day.

482 Riverslea Santa Gertrudis

Sonia & Alan Martin 0408 571 579
E:   W:

Location: “Riverslea”, Old Avoca Rd, Adelaide Lead (Maryborough) 6.5k west of Maryborough. Old Avoca Rd runs off the Pyrenees Hwy, 4k from Maryborough and 23k from Avoca. Lost? Call Alan on 0408 571 579.

Information: Riverslea is committed to promoting and providing quality Santa cattle in Victoria. We open up our farm to you at a very exciting time for the Riverslea stud. Cattle will be on display and for sale including a selection from out NSW bull farm. Recent acquisitions of targeted genetics means we are producing and offering for sale more first rate females and bulls bred to suit your needs. This property is also the NEW venue for our on-farm Sale and Field Day on April 26. Swing by and see us on Saturday Feb 2, our Beef Week open day.

485 Stretch Limo Limousin

David Brown 0417 571 744
F: 03 9744 1622
E:   W:

Location: At Beckenham Limousins, 237 Boundary Rd Greenhill via Kyneton. VicRoads map 59H4. Take Malmsbury exit off Calder Fwy and follow signs.

Information: At Stretch Limo we breed Limousins that perform in your paddocks and over the hooks. We carefully select and blend the best genetics from throughout the world and cull heavily based on growth, temperament and structure. We register, measure and record every calf with Breedplan. We guarantee all cattle with the Limousin Assurance warranty for docility and fertility. We extend a warm welcome to everyone to come and view our cattle at Beckenham. Working age bulls on display and for sale by Realtor, Ridgley, Vision Y329, Cowboy and our stud sire Mandayen Guardian A488. Details and pictures on

486 Strathewen Angus/Red Angus

Bruce Newport 0407 631 601
E:   W:

Location: 360 Chads Creek Rd, Strathewen. Approach Strathewen from Arthurs Creek or Hurstbridge or Kinglake to junction of Cottlesbridge-Strathewen Rd, Bowden Spur Rd and Chads Creek Rd. Then 3.6k up Chads Creek Rd.

Information: THE PERFORMANCE BREEDERS'. Outstanding females available in our PARTIAL DISPERSAL SALE plus young bulls, super embryos and free semen. Our 2012 calf drop average is $145 for Long Fed/CAAB $index, $103 for Grass Fed and $90 for Short Fed. Recent sires include Tuwharetoa Regent, Te Mania Berkley, Te Mania Africa, Dunoon Evident and the super growth sire Hidden Valley Commando with female lines from Te Mania, Lawsons/GAR (USA), Merrigrange/Merridale, Banquet, Booroomooka and Summitcrest (USA). Top Red Angus genetics also available. See our website for details.

490 Torr Down South Devon

John Harvey 03 5424 1001
E:   W:

Location: 29 Cranneys Lane, 1.5k east of Trentham PO via High St. 9k west of Tylden via Pearsons Rd and Cranneys Lane.

Information: Been breeding pedigreed South Devons for 45 years. Exported cattle and semen world-wide. Awarded Supreme Best Tasting Beef in Australia1999. Torr Down bulls sired the grand champion carcases at Adelaide Royal 2011 and Melbourne Royal 2012. A few females and bulls sired by Torr Down Marvel 3 (poll) for sale.

493 Waterford Charolais

Deborah Halliday 0428 605 060

Location: 216 Mt Macedon Rd, Macedon, 2k from Macedon/Mt Macedon exit Calder Fwy. Follow the signs.

Information: We welcome you to visit our Charolais stud established in 1997. Waterford prides itself on having some of the finest Charolais genetics in the industry. Commercial and show bulls available for sale plus cows with calves at foot.

495 Webb Black Simmental

Lynton Harrison 03 5797 8173 / 0439 767 260
F: 03 5787 8175
E:   W:

Location: 580 Break O'Day Rd, Glenburn, 45k north of Yarra Glen, 34k south of Yea, via Melba Hwy. From Yarra Glen take Melba Hwy to Glenburn, left at Break O”Day Rd, 5k to property on right.

Information: Owned by Philip and Jane Webb, managed by Lynton Harrison, Webb Black Simmentals specialises in breeding top performing Black Simmentals. On display will be a selection of catalogued sale bulls with sires represented including LRS Time Zone 28U, HTP SVF in Dew Time, DRS J91 Outback 604S and St Pauls Captain. Our bulls will be available at our on-farm sale on Friday 1 March 2013. A selection of Black Simmental females will also be on display. We look forward to your visit. Light refreshments and cold drinks available.